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Your network is more central to your business processes than ever before. You don't need to be reminded that network outages and security lapses can be devastating. You need a technology partner that can help your business get the most out of its network and keep it up and running 24 x 7 x 365. Dryad Systems is uniquely suited to help your business accomplish its goals. Let us handle the technology so that you can focus on what you do best, your business.

For many years Dryad Systems has been supporting various sized companies with our experience in Information Technology. We offer on-site repair of hardware and software problems for both office and home users. We build custom databases and web applications as well as providing web design services. Dryad Systems can provide workstations and server platforms to satisfy your complanies requirements as well as safe, secure PC's for home use that will satisfy both the casual user or the most ardent gamer. Give us a call and let us help.

Want more? With Dryad Systems you get more! More than just a quick fix and a bill. We're here for you after the job is done, so you won't be left with unanswered questions or unresolved problems. With Dryad Systems you get reliability and affordability. Please feel free to Contact us for any questions you might have.








System Sales



Dryad Systems can help you with all your equipment needs:


  • New Home and Business Class Machines
    From light duty Dekstop and Notebook PC's to high end Workstations, we can handle all your needs.
  • Enterprise Class Servers
    Let our years of knowledge and experience help you select the right server for you business needs.
  • Custom game Systems
    Tired of limping throught online games, wishing you had the edge others have? Let us design a custom gaming rid for you!
  • Quality Peripherals.
    Dryad Systems can provide printers, routers, or any other device you wish to attached to your PC or Network.
  • Service after the sale
    Backed by some of the biggest names in the industy, all equipment carry full warranties, giving you peace of mind, knowing you purchase is well protected.






Dryad Systems is proud to offer the following services:


  • Consulting Services
    We can analyze your internal systems and make recommendations as to what technology can do to make your business more efficient and profitable.
  • Solutions Design
    We can design or find the cost efficient answers to all of your technology needs.
  • Systems Maintenance
    We can maintain all of your systems, interface with your vendors and meet all of your technology needs. Wouldn't it be nice not to have to deal with multiple vendors?
  • Systems Installation
    Let our team of experts install your network, from the network cabling to the installation of Routers, Switches, Printers, PC's and Servers. We do a quality job and fully document any change to your network.
  • Education
    We will educate you and your employees to whatever level you wish to be involved. Whether it is minimal involvement where we handle everything or if you would like your staff to handle the small issues that may arise. We will interface with you at any level you want.



Web Application Design



Dryad Systems proudly offer Comprehensive Web Application and Design Services!


  • Web Design Consulting Services
    Our years of experience translate to clear, insightful information to give you peace of mind.
  • Web Applications
    We specialize in custom applications to fill the niche that canned software cannot.
  • Cutting Edge Technology.
    Unlease the power of HTML5, Ajax, Query, and other industry defining technologies.
  • Standards Compliant
    Rest assured your finished product with be fully compliant with W3C standards for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.



Linux OS



1. Stability

Linux systems are well known for their ability to run for years without failure; in fact, many Linux users have never seen a crash. That's great for users of every kind, but it's particularly valuable for small and medium-sized businesses, for which downtime can have disastrous consequences.

Linux also handles a large number of processes running at once much better than Windows does--that's something, in fact, that tends to degrade Windows' stability quickly.

Then there's the need for rebooting. Whereas in Windows configuration changes typically require a reboot--causing inevitable downtime--there's generally no need to restart Linux. Almost all Linux configuration changes can be done while the system is running and without affecting unrelated services.

Similarly, whereas Windows servers must often be defragmented frequently, that's all but eliminated on Linux. Let your competitors endure the plentiful downtime that inevitably goes hand-in-hand with Windows; trusty Linux will keep you up and running and serving your customers around the clock.

2. Security

Linux is also innately more secure than Windows is, whether on the server, the desktop or in an embedded environment. That's due largely to the fact that Linux, which is based on Unix, was designed from the start to be a multiuser operating system. Only the administrator, or root user, has administrative privileges, and fewer users and applications have permission to access the kernel or each other. That keeps everything modular and protected.

Of course, Linux also gets attacked less frequently by viruses and malware, and vulnerabilities tend be found and fixed more quickly by its legions of developers and users. Even the six-year-old kernel bug that was recently fixed, for instance--an extremely rare instance in the Linux world--had never been exploited.

Internally, meanwhile, users of a Windows system can sometimes hide files from the system administrator. On Linux, however, the sys admin always has a clear view of the file system and is always in control.

3. Hardware

Whereas Windows typically requires frequent hardware upgrades to accommodate its ever-increasing resource demands, Linux is slim, trim, flexible and scalable, and it performs admirably on just about any computer, regardless of processor or machine architecture.

Linux can also be easily reconfigured to include only the services needed for your business's purposes, thus further reducing memory requirements, improving performance and keeping things even simpler.

4. TCO

There's no beating Linux's total cost of ownership, since the software is generally free. Even an enterprise version purchased with corporate support will be cheaper overall than Windows or other proprietary software, which generally involve user-based licensing and a host of expensive add-ons, especially for security.

Same goes for most of the tools and applications that might be used on a Linux server. The overall TCO simply can't be beat.

5. Freedom

With Linux, there is no commercial vendor trying to lock you into certain products or protocols. Instead, you're free to mix and match and choose what works best for your business.

In short, with all the many advantages Linux provides in the server realm, it's no wonder governments, organizations and major companies around the world--including Amazon and Google--rely on the open source operating system in their own production systems.

If you're looking for a Linux distribution to run on your business's servers, you'd do well to consider Ubuntu, CentOS (or RHEL, the paid version from Red Hat that CentOS is based on), Slackware, Debian and Gentoo.